Sunday, September 14, 2014

Americana Music Fest to Offer Educational and Career-Building Opportunities for Artists

     NASHVILLE -- The Americana Music Festival will offer a host of workshops during its Nashville run from Sept. 17-20. Schedule:

2-3 p.m.
Storming The Gates… Networking In The Digital Age
Dave Delaney, award-winning author, social media strategist and host of New Business Networking radio, will lead attendees though a series of modern day networking techniques to allow you to make the most of your relationships and share the best practices on how to get and keep people’s attention in the digital age.
Dave Delaney – New Business Networking / @davedelaney
3:30-5 p.m.
Website Demo Derby
Website optimization can be a daunting task for anyone, but this esteemed panel of digital marketers, designers and website platform developers will share real time advice on how to maximize your most valued asset online, your website. Sites will be reviewed in real time with suggestions from the audience.
David Dufresne – Bandzoogle, Moderator / @bandzoogle
Charles Alexander – Outside the Box Music / @musiccharles
Michelle Conceison – Market Monkeys @marketmonkeys
Tommy Stalknecht – Bombplates / @bombplates
Dave Cool – Bandzoogle / @bandzoogle
10-10:45 a.m.
#SEknOw: Help fans find your band!
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has long been the painful task for digital agencies and super-savvy marketers who, supposedly, hold the secret ingredient to marketing online.  Robby Towns, Director of Digital Strategy for Music Biz, is here to pull back the curtain and simplify the process around metadata, keywords and targeting by giving very simple, straight-forward and actionable instructions on how to do it all yourself.
Robby Towns – / @nestamusic / @MusicBizAssoc
11-12 p.m.
YouTube Masterclass
Google may be planning to roll out their own streaming music service in the near future, but in the meantime, it’s free video upload video service, YouTube, has exploded and become a de-facto music discovery platform and internet radio station.  Margaret Hart, head of Artist & Label Relations, along with Jessica Frech, successful YouTube artist and viral content genius, will walk attendees through proper set up and monetization and optimization techniques, as well as discuss the benefits of regularly scheduled content as a way to create community, market directly and sell items directly to fans.
Margaret Hart – Artist & Label Relations/Google @themghart
Jessica Frech – Artist / @jessicafrech
2–3 p.m.
The Power of FREE
FREE can be a powerful word and has been a controversial topic for the music industry.  Passionate advocates for FREE will convene to alert attendees on how to value their offers and what to ask for in return for content.
Stevie Zea Escoto – Moderator / Girlilla Marketing /@GirlillaStevie
Derek Webb – Noisetrade / @derekwebb
Katy Kirby – Thirty Tigers / @katsuzak
Daniel Higbee – Secret Road / @secretroad
Scott Aegis – Sync Up / @syncupnola
3:30-5 p.m.
Content Strategy – What, Why, Where and How?
The old adage is that “Content is KING." While this still remains true in the voracious digital age, another part of that saying should be “Distribution is Queen,” as together they are the perfect compliment to one another and necessary for anyone trying to tell their story to the world.  This panel will dive deep into content strategy and distribution for content of all types and will present an actionable plan for what to shoot, where to post, how to find partners to drive awareness and why any of it means anything at all.
Jamie Lynne Younger – Warner Music Nashville / @JamieLynnYngr 
Rachel Whitney – Borman Entertainment / @racbarn
Jon Romero – Vector Management / @romerojon
Artist – TBD
11-12 p.m.
Cause Marketing in the Digital Age
In this day and age there is no shortage of people doing great work for their fellow man.  Often times, an alignment with a movement can be very beneficial to all parties involved.  This panel will dissect the kinds of partnerships in the marketplace today, what cause partners look for, what the ask is of artist and fans and how to make the most of the “good deed” without losing the spirit of why you’re committed to lending a helping hand.
Lucia Kaminsky – Warner Music Nashville / @luciakay
Ben Greene – Feed The Children / @bentgreene
Faithe Dillman – Marbaloo / @marbaloo
Drew Holcomb – Artist / @drewholcomb
Teri Watson – St. Jude / @stjude
2-3:30 p.m.
BandPage & Spotify Masterclass
Newly partnered platforms BandPage (a direct to fan platform specializing in distributed offers) and Spotify (the largest music streaming platform in the US) will co-present an informative “how to” discussion for fans to understand the comprehensive value of the partnership for artists at all levels.  Topics will include best practices for playlisting and marketing, distributed offers, Spotify notifications and much more.
Copeland Isaacson – Spotify / @copeisaacson
Ty Jacobson – BandPage / @tyjacobson1
3:30-5 p.m.
Copyright Reform: Where Are We Heading?
Copyright reform is something almost everyone in the music and entertainment business wants to see happen, but nobody agrees how. Congress has never been more dysfunctional, but there are forces attempting to write legislation. Who are the players and what are the key issues? Will raw power of various interest groups overwhelm good public policy? Is there hope for songwriters and artists to make a fair living in a streaming music economy? What might and should happen to synch licensing in a modern video-driven culture? 
Jay Frank – Founder, DigSin / @futurehitdna
Craig Havighurst – Writer / Speaker / Host, Music City Roots / @chavighurst
Howell O’Rear - Copyright Attorney, McInteer & O’Rear / @howellorear

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