Monday, January 19, 2015

'Fett's Mixing Mastery!' Course for Emerging Recording Engineers to Begin Jan. 28

            Nashville independent record producer, engineer and author Fett will lead a master-level course on professional mixing starting Jan. 28 (Wednesday).  "Fett's Mixing Mastery!" will show emerging recording engineers the methodology, secrets, tricks and techniques from a seasoned pro who has spent decades mixing thousands of songs... someone who can show step-by-step exactly what engineers need to do to take mixes to a higher level, providing the musical and emotional impact they deserve.

            Highlights of the course are

            * The 3 M's of mixing (the "why").
            * How to create an emotionally impactful mix.
            * The relationship between song arrangement and mixing.
            * Specific techniques for three-dimensional positioning and placement of parts in a mix.
            * Using "stock" versus third-party plug-ins.
            * How to use groups for organization and saving resources.
            * Mixing musical parts versus mixing "tracks".
            * Extensive coverage of automation.
            * Specific mixing techniques for relative levels, panning, EQ, compression and limiting, and time-based effects (reverb, delay, etc.).
            * Specific mixing techniques for drums, bass, guitars, keyboards, lead vocals, background vocals, specialty instruments, percussion and MIDI/virtual instrument tracks.

            Training will include video lessons, hands-on exercises, sample audio files, and live Q&A calls. All resources will be accessible 24/7 and available for one year.

            Fett is a 30-plus-year music industry veteran who has played a role in more than 50 albums. He served as the technology editor for Performing Songwriter magazine for seven years. He is the author of the popular resource book, "Fett's Mixing Roadmap".

            To learn more about "Fett's Mixing Mastery!" master-level course on professional mixing, visit .


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