Monday, June 13, 2016

Nashville Composers Association to Hold Two-Day Symposium for Film Composers from June 18-19

            NASHVILLE -- The Nashville Composers Association and Film-Com will present the two-day seminar “Deciphering the Movie Music Masters” with music supervisor, record producer and music educator Andy Hill from June 18-19 at Ocean Way on Music Row.

            The premise of this year's Score-Com (“Deciphering the Movie Music Masters”) is that film composers need to study the film music repertoire no less diligently than concert composers study the classical repertoire. What can composers learn from the past that they can carry into the future? And how can composers hit the bar that was set by our predecessors with today’s budgets and timelines? Andy will address through study of actual landmark scores and live demonstrations playing to picture.  As a music supervisor, Andy has worked with some of the greatest film composers. As an educator, he has conducted Skype chats many of them in locations all over the world, and he will do so at Score-Com (prepare to be surprised!). Established composers will speak to how they manage with lower budgets, tight deadlines, and current creative expectations.

            Seating is limited.
Tuition is $85 for non-members and $55 for NCA members. For more information or to register, visit

            The agenda and topics that will be covered in the symposium include:

            * Is there a shared film music language, with its own vocabulary and syntax?
            * If so, how can a composer make use of it without being merely imitative?
            *How can contemporary media composers create distinctive music with radically reduced budgets?
            * The Nashville-Austin connection.
            * Can Nashville become “Media Music City”?

            Score-Com also will feature Skype chats with film composers Danny Elfman and Hanan Townshend.

            It is highly recommended (though not mandatory) to get Andy Hill's new book, "Scoring the Screen: The Secret Language of Film Music", as he will be frequently referencing it.  Special pricing for the book will be made available to Score-Com attendees.

Andy Hill

            All symposium attendees are invited to a Film-Com networking event on the evening of June 18 (details will be provided to all paid attendees).  Heavy hors d’oeuvres will be provided.  Feel free to bring your business cards, demos or any other promotional materials!

            All paid attendees will also receive all-access laminates to attend these Film-Com film and television business events:

            * Film-Com networking event.
            * Film-Com VIP Kick-Off Reception.
            * All biz panels.
            * The New Project Expo.
            * Annual Film/Television Industry Gala.

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