Monday, October 1, 2018

Americana Fest: Station Inn Comes to Life on Saturday Evening with Kathy Mattea and Others

By Wil Comstock
Music City Arts Contribution Writer

   NASHVILLE -- The 2018 edition of Americana Fest was spectacular with outstanding performances. Here are a few photos from an exciting Saturday night (Sept. 15) at the Station Inn.

Emily Scott Robinson, heartfelt nuanced vocals.  Highlight: “The Dress” about the date rape she suffered when she was in her early twenties.


Carolina Story, husband and wife Ben and Emily Roberts.  Earthy and velvety workingman vocals.  Highlight: “Lay Your Head Down” offering reassurance everything will be alright.


Leslie Stevens, classic country vocals, think Emmylou Harris. Highlight: “Everybody Drinks and Drives in Heaven,” an upbeat crowd pleaser that showcases Leslie’s humor.  


Kathy Mattea, Expressive earthy vocals with a touch of blues.  Mattea lost her voice when she went through menopause. She had to relearn how to sing again with the help of a vocal coach. The result is a soulful, lower, mature voice. Highlights: The fun “Chocolate on My Tongue” and the moving “St. Teresa.”


(Photos by Music City Arts Contributing Writer Wil Comstock)

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