Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The WannaBeatles Release 'Oh Betty!' Song and Video

            NASHVILLE, Tenn. (September 2012) – The WannaBeatles didn't win a Grammy this year for their CD "Fab Fan Memories -- The Beatles Bond", but they hope to walk the Red Carpet again in 2013 with "Oh Betty! (The Betty White Song)". 

            The Nashville band's new song and video honor the ever-popular, 90-year-old actress (the one who beat them out for a Grammy in the "Best Spoken Word Album" category).  The video, which features The WannaBeatles as a '60s-styled singing quartet and Evelyn Ford as a Betty White imposter, is available for free viewing at or at .  The song is available at .

            "Oh Betty!" was released on Sept. 1, just in time to be considered for a Grammy nomination in the Best Short Video, Best Song Written for Visual Media, and Best New Artist categories. Members of The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences can vote for the song and video and/or The WannaBeatles at  till early November. Grammy nominations will be announced on Dec. 1.

            "It was an honor to be a Grammy nominee earlier this year alongside Betty White," said WannaBeatles percussionist David Toledo.  "We wanted to find a creative way to share our unique experience with both our fans and people who love Betty.  And who doesn't love Betty White?"

            In their video fantasy, the group fills in for Betty White at an imaginary concert.  They are dumbfounded when a Betty White imposter appears onstage. After the band launches into "The Betty White Song", a magical kiss from the Betty look-alike transforms the boys into a plaid-jacketed, '60s-styled singing quartet.

            "The rest is pure silliness, including a Betty conga line and shots of the group admiring Betty's centerfold in a magazine," said vocalist/guitarist Dennis Scott, who co-wrote "Oh Betty!" after returning from the Grammy Awards.

            Scott and his band mates worked hard to craft a tune that exudes the true spirit of what Betty White is all about.  The toe-tapping, hook-driven number is reminiscent of clever, sing-along hits from the 1950s and '60s.  The star said she was "very flattered" after listening to the song.

      The video was taped at the historic Palace Theater in Gallatin, Tenn.  The "Oh Betty!" team included The WannaBeatles, director Vince Pinkerton, videographer Tom Terry, stage manager Larry Gregory, choreographer Brooke Bryant, and production assistant Lucy Hart. Evelyn Ford portrayed "Betty", while Brooke Bryant and Susannah Smith White served as silver-haired Betty White dancers. Costumes and props were provided by Halloween Inc., Kim & Kit Vintage, and Get it Guru. Chuck Whiting served as project publicist, and meals were catered by The Pizza Machine.       

            "Ours is the typical showbiz story: Band goes to the Grammys, band loses to Betty, band writes 'The Betty White Song'," Scott added with a laugh.

            The WannaBeatles (Bryan Cumming, Nathan Burbank, Dennis Scott and David Toledo) received their first Grammy nomination in December 2011 as the producers of "Fab Fan Memories - The Beatles Bond", a CD featuring songs, stories, recollections and fond thoughts about The Beatles from celebrities and everyday fans.  The project was nominated in the "Best Spoken Word Album" category.  The other nominees included Tina Fey, Betty White, and Val Kilmer. The audio book features narration by George Harrison's older sister, Louise Harrison, with performances by The Liverpool Legends of Branson, Mo., and The WannaBeatles in Music City.

            "The Beatles are well known for putting their anecdotes into songs," said WannaBeatles keyboardist Nathan Burbank. "We are following the sample of our mentors by telling our tale in the best way we know how.  The Betty White video could be the beginning of a reality-based WannaBeatles TV show."

            Guitarist/trumpeter Bryan Cumming noted that the group's Betty White song and video are "the latest example of The WannaBeatles' formula for success: 40 percent music, 40 percent comedy, and 40 percent bad math."       

           To learn more about The WannaBeatles or "Oh Betty! (The Betty White Song)", visit or send an email inquiry to

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