Friday, October 12, 2012

Costco to Join Other Exhibitors for 'Health and Wellness EXPO'

            NASHVILLE, Tenn. (November 2012) – Middle Tennesseans can receive life-changing advice from some of the area’s top natural health care and environmental experts by attending the "Health & Wellness EXPO" from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Nov. 3 (Saturday) at the Center for Spiritual Living Nashville, 6705 Charlotte Pike in west Nashville.

            The free event will feature health and wellness-related lectures, product demonstrations, and display tables. Professional health practitioners will offer gluten-free and organic foods, aromatherapy, healthy breathing sessions, essential oils, massages, books and other educational materials, Chakra energy clearings, ionic foot baths, iridology readings, mini-facials, skincare products, and chiropractic demonstrations. Attendees can visit exhibition booths for complimentary product samples, as well as insights on nutrition and herbal remedies, life coaching, and the environment.  As a special service to the public, Costco will provide free hearing tests and flu shots for $16.99.

            "In today's world, we need to care for ourselves and our planet more than ever," said event coordinator Bonnie Troxel.  "The purpose of the Expo is to connect those who seek to take responsibility for their health, fitness, well-being, and environment with related quality, local product and service providers."

            A highlight of the EXPO will be a special seminar on overcoming obesity by noted cardiologist Dr. Hal M. Roseman.  "Getting to the Fat of the Matter: A Course in Understanding Obesity and Returning to Health" will reveal the cause of obesity and its physical and spiritual impacts. Attendees will learn how to design a lifetime diet to restore spiritual balance and help prevent health problems such as diabetes and heart disease.

            Other speakers and topics during the EXPO will include wellness expert Juliana Ericson ("Breathing for Your Health"); wellness expert Vanessa Gregory ("Negative Effects of Inflammation in the Body"); aromatherapy/energy-healing professional Kim Mollenkopf ("Holistic Healing Aspects of Aromatherapy"); Feng Shui practitioner Tisha Morris ("Feng Shui the Western Way: Practical Tips to Bring Balance and Harmony to Your Life"); chiro/wellness professional Dr. Sharon Roth ("Living in a Toxic World and What to

do About it"); health expert Jan Schim ("Natural Ways to Stay Healthy"); spiritual author/teacher/healer Gene Skaggs ("PSYCH-K: Removing Limiting Sub-Conscious Beliefs"); wellness expert Laurel Staples ("Healthy for the Holidays"); and iridology expert Brenda Starr ("Iridology: What Do Your Eyes Reveal About Your Health?").

            Providing demonstrations and discussions will be Zumba instructor Vina Buuck ("Zumba Fitness/Piloxing"); Dr. Kirk Jones ("Brain/Body and Balance"); health expert John Patrick ("Benefits of Sustainable Agriculture"); health expert Tommy Roth ("Neurofeedback"); health expert Randy Shreve ("The Happiness Paradox: The Inner Workings of Happiness"); yoga instructor Johnny Tomanio ("Yoga: Tuning Mind, Body and Spirit "); and Dr. Ning Wang ("How Acupuncture Works").

            Shred on the Run will offer free paper shredding from 10 a.m. to noon at a specially marked truck in the CSLN parking lot.  Private individuals are welcome to shred up to eight boxes or bags of personal items, including credit card statements, old checks and tax returns.  

            Other exhibitors will include A Matter of Taste (offering gluten-free and vegan food for sale); Bellevue Chiropractic Center; Center for Spiritual Living Nashville; Collaborative Peace Building Center; Costco; East Meets West Holistic Education Center; Feng Shui Your life; Harmonic Bodywork; Health4Life Center; Intuition - Aroma for the Soul; It's a Family Affair Catering (offering free vegetarian/vegan food samples by Erica Hall); East Meets West Holistic Education Center; LoAdebar; Melaleuca; Moore Living with Sarah; My Spa & Salon; Nashville Acupuncture & Herbs; Nashville Breathwork Center; Neuroclarity; One Miracle; Optimum Health Matters; Radiant Health Institute; Roth Wellness and Chiropractic; Brenda Starr (iridology); Transformation Body Therapy; and Wild Muffin (offering gluten-free, vegan and organic brownies, cookies and muffins by Antionette Licalsi).

            Some of the exhibitors will offer free herbal, nutrition and skin care product samples.  Drawings for complimentary goods and services will be held throughout the day.  Bottled water and snacks will be available for purchase.

            The Health & Wellness EXPO is sponsored by the Center for Spiritual Living Nashville. For more information about the EXPO, send an email inquiry to Bonnie Troxel at, call the CSLN office at (615) 356-0174, or visit  

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