Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Americana Artist Chakra Bleu Releases New Reggae Single to Help Heal a Divided World

            NASHVILLE, Tenn. (July 2015) – Americana artist Chakra Bleu is using a new Reggae single to encourage Americans to unify peacefully to help solve important issues related to equality and justice.

            Although she usually shies away from politics in her music, the artist said she feels a sense of urgency in sharing her song, "We Shall Overcome", with people from all walks of life. The tune calls people to use love and acceptance of one another to help heal a divided world. It will be featured on an upcoming album to be released July 29.

            "The overall vibe of 'We Shall Overcome' is upbeat, inspiring and empowering in the Reggae genre," said Bleu, whose last single hit number one on various Americana record charts. "This genre is welcoming of just hanging out where you are, whomever you are, with the intent of all of us coming together heart, soul and mind."

            To listen to "We Shall Overcome," visit https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/we-shall-overcome-single/id1117175136 or http://www.chakrableu.com/music/.


            The artist added that the song practically wrote itself. She intuitively chose the key of A-Major to help brighten a passionate lyrical message that promotes positive change through the love and acceptance of one another. By dedicating a single to social causes, Bleu follows in the footsteps of legendary artists such as Bob Marley, Pete Seegar, John Lennon and Joni Mitchell. She said she hopes the song can be used by non-profit organizations to help inspire true equality and justice for all races, genders, immigrants and sexual identities.

            "My song asks the listener to consider his or her own dignity and encourages the dignity of all others through peaceful measures," Bleu noted. "It calls us to speak out, stay involved and informed, vote, and expect total equality for humanity as a whole."

            "We Shall Overcome", which was recorded in Nashville, features an infectious, sing-along chorus.

            "We shall overcome and lead the way... We won't bow down to fear and hate... We shall overcome and lead the way... Our voice won't be choked another day... We'll raise our hands... We've only just begun... Yes we can... We shall overcome."

            "The song speaks out against violence and hate crimes, as well as social-economic issues such as guaranteeing fair voting rights, raising the minimum wage, offering more affordable housing, and improving access to higher education," Bleu continued. "I believe my favorite line is 'only cowards choose to intimidate'."

            Born and raised in Spokane, Wash., Bleu grew up with a passion for music and the outdoors. Her music accomplishments have been substantial since then. The rock/pop tune "All of Me" hit number one on New Music Weekly's Top 40 Indie Chart, while climbing into the top 10 on the NMW mainstream Top 40 and Hot 100 singles charts. Another recent single, "The Shadow", quickly climbed various NMW charts, reaching number four on Top 40, number four on Hot 100 A/C, number five on Top 40 Internet, and number one on Indie Top 40 (where it remained for six consecutive weeks). Her sixth album, "Souvenir", generated five top-40 hit singles on various charts, with the song "Addicted to You" receiving "Spotlight" recognition in Cashbox Magazine. Other hit singles from previous albums include "When I Hold Your Hand" and "Hopelessly in Love".

            For more information about Chakra Bleu or to hear her music, visit www.ChakraBleu.com. To book the artist for an upcoming event, send an e-mail message to 1746Records@chakrableu.com.     

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