Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Franklin Author Launches Your Love Story for Nearlyweds

            FRANKLIN, Tenn. (July 2016) – Franklin author Angela Grett knows how to write a story. So, when her sister announced her engagement, Angela knew she wanted to do something very special for the nearlyweds. She created a video that told the bride and groom’s love story. It was a big hit, and Angela discovered her passion for telling stories in this creative fashion.

            She later created another video for two close friends when they became engaged. For Angela, time fell away as she placed each photo in the right setting, with the right words, and the right timing to music. It drew rave reviews (and a few tears) from the wedding guests. Since then, she has created videos for family and friends as they celebrated milestone birthdays, weddings, and the lives of those who had passed. Angela’s new business – telling love stories on video -- was born.

            “I describe my new business, Your Love Story, as a creative services media company that enhances wedding ceremonies by sharing stories about nearlyweds with their family members, friends and other guests,” said Grett, who officially launched her new online business in July 2016.

            Your Love Story videos are unique because they feature a variety of media (rather than just recorded video) to bring a couple’s romantic journey to life. Grett begins the process by asking the couple to provide still photos of themselves from childhood through their engagement. She then conducts an in-depth interview to learn who they were as children, how they met, and the evolution of their relationship. She carefully combines the photos, video clips, direct quotes, creative text, and recorded music into a three to 15-minute “love story” presentation.

            “I meticulously crop and arrange the digital photos and add touching words or quotes to enhance them,” Grett added. “Each couple chooses the music and wedding colors they want me to use. Their video is very personal and something they can treasure for years to come.”

            Sharing the video during the wedding ceremony can be a powerful experience, Grett noted. It allows guests to watch the nearlyweds’ love story unfold. Angela recently created a video for a couple who presented it to their guests before the wedding party entered. The room grew silent as baby pictures from their childhoods appeared on a large screen with text and music. Other photos showed the couple dating and falling in love. The video ended with a clip of the marriage proposal on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry.

            “People laughed and cried,” Grett continued. “They were given a chance to know the couple in a way they had never been able to before.”

            She noted that Your Love Story can create videos for any special occasion, including anniversaries, milestone birthdays, or a child’s first year.

            Angela Grett is the author of a non-fiction book and has appeared as a keynote speaker at dozens of events hosted by non-profit organizations. She resides in Franklin, Tennessee, with her spouse and their three beloved pets.

            To learn more about Your Love Story and the various packages for the creation of a personal video, visit , send an e-mail inquiry to , or call (615) 988-6498. Watch a Your Love Story video at

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