Tuesday, February 7, 2012

WannaBeatles Hope to Meet Paul McCartney at Grammys

By Chuck Whiting
MCAU Editor

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (February 2012) – Question: What could possibly be better than winning a Grammy?

Answer: Meeting Paul McCartney at the Grammys!

Fresh on the heels of their first Grammy nomination for "Fab Fan Memories - The Beatles Bond", the Nashville-based Beatles tribute band The WannaBeatles has launched a spirited campaign to meet Sir Paul at the awards show in Hollywood on Feb. 12. The campaign includes release of their new song and video, "We Wanna Meet Paul".

Paul McCartney will be performing at the Grammys this year, where he is being honored as Musicare's "Person of the Year". His album, "Band on the Run", has been nominated for "Best Historical Package".

"We are so excited to be at the same show as Paul," said bandleader and two-time Grammy winner Dennis Scott.

But for The WannaBeatles (Scott, Bryan Cumming, David Toledo and Nathan Burbank), Sir Paul will be close and yet so far.

"Our little album has made it to the Grammys against all odds," Scott added. "This may be our one and only chance to meet Paul McCartney and, on behalf of the fans, thank him for the music that changed our lives."

The "We Wanna Meet Paul" video features The WannaBeatles performing their new song at various Nashville landmarks, including the Union Station Hotel. Scenes include an "Abbey Road"-inspired stroll across a painted crosswalk and a fan-crazed chase after a London town car containing a cardboard cutout of Paul McCartney. The car was provided by Matchless Transportation in Nashville.

The upbeat tune asks fans to do the following: "Text a friend and Facebook someone new... the time is now for 'Fab Fans' one and all... to shake his hand is all we wanna do... and say thanks to Sir Paul."

To view the video of the song, "We Wanna Meet Paul", visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddiHnVcdoLQ .

The WannaBeatles received their first Grammy nomination in December as the producers of "Fab Fan Memories - The Beatles Bond", a CD featuring songs, stories, recollections and fond thoughts about The Beatles from celebrities and everyday fans. The project is nominated in the "Best Spoken Word Album" category. The other nominees are Tina Fey, Betty White, Val Kilmer, and a performance of "Hamlet" by various performers at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. The audio book features narration by George Harrison's older sister, Louise Harrison, with performances by The Liverpool Legends of Branson, Mo., and The WannaBeatles in Music City.

The WannaBeatles perform original Beatles-flavored songs on the CD. The Liverpool Legends, hand selected by Louise and led by Marty Scott, provide several Beatles covers. Heartfelt and amusing introspections are provided by fans, including special guests such as Nancy Lee Andrews, Janis Ian, Phil Keaggy, Melissa Manchester, Ken Mansfield, Alan Menken, Wesley Orbison, Bruce Spizer, Billy Swan, and Rod Davis of The Quarrymen.

"Fab Fan Memories" was released in late November, just in time for The Beatles' 50th anniversary. Ringo joined John, Paul and George in 1962, making 2012 the "Year of The Beatles". The project, which is distributed by MDI, is available through iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby and other retailers for $15.98. A portion of the proceeds will support Louise Harrison's newly formed organization, Help Keep Music Alive.

"Our album is all about the fans," said Scott, who has won two Grammy Awards for various children's projects. "If we meet Paul, it will be a victory for 'Fab Fans' everywhere."

To learn more about the "Fab Fan Memories" CD/audio book, visit http://www.FabFanMemories.com, or send an e-mail message to DSMusic@comcast.net. To learn more about the organization Help Keep Music Alive, visit http://www.HelpKeepMusicAlive.org.


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