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'Tin Pan South' Report - March 28, 2012

            NASHVILLE -- "Tin Pan South" is in full swing, with more than 350 songwriters performing at various venues around the city.  Choosing which shows to attend was a challenge for MCAU's two writers.  We finally opted to take in the 6 p.m. show at Belcourt Taps & Tapas (featuring Sally Barris, Don Henry, Tom Kimmel, w/guest Dana Cooper) and the 9 p.m. show at Loews Vanderbilt (featuring Sherrie Austin, Steve Bogard, Lindsay Ell, Rob Hatch w/guest Elliot Lurie). 

March 27 (Monday):


            A standing room-only crowd of songwriters filled the lobby of the Roundabout office tower on Music Row.  Excitement was definitely in the air as tunesmiths from across the nation renewed friendships (or made new ones) and talked about the upcoming shows.  Per usual, the NSAI staff did a marvelous job with food and beverage... and greeting the attendees. 

-- Chuck Whiting, MCAU Editor

March 28 (Tuesday):


            I first heard of The Waymores (Don Henry, Sally Barris and Tom Kimmel) a couple of years ago. For one reason or another, I did not have the opportunity to see them until last night.  They did not disappoint.  What great harmonies!  And then there are the songs…  Tom’s “Trip On Love” brought some smiles as we shook our heads recognizing a bit of ourselves in the lyric.  Sally’s “Let The Wind Chase You” gently tugged at our hearts as she sang so beautifully.  And Don’s “Road To Paridise” had each of us reaching back and remembering our own childhood.   And then there was Dana Cooper, who rocked and lulled us with “Thank You” and “Find Your Place in This World”.   All of this in the intimate atmosphere of Belcourt Taps and Tapas, whose staff served up tasty meals and drinks with a warm smile.

-- Wil Comstock, MCAU Music Correspondent


            Several standing ovations and sing-a-longs marked Steve Bogard's unforgettable round at the Loews.  Sherrie Austin kicked things off with the fun-filled "He Thought He Was, I Didn't", providing one-liners such as "The only thing I haven't done is porn and gospel."  A number of laughs were had by all.
            Steve, who will relinquish his role as NSAI president this year, conjured up memories of the late Etta James with the song "Damn Your Eyes".  NSAI Executive Director Bart Herbison congratulated Steve for his contributions to songwriters when the show ended.
            The crowd was equally pleased to hear Rob Hatch do a gravelly performance of his first number one hit, "If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away". 
            The incredible Lindsay Ell provided "she plays like a girl" guitar licks throughout the show. 
            A highlight of the evening was a guest appearance by songwriting legend Elliot Lurie.  A rendition of the classic "Brandy" had Bart, Doak Turner and others singing background chorus. 
            What a wonderful way to begin "Tin Pan South".

-- Chuck Whiting

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Photos (Pictured left to right):

1.  casey Kelly, rich fagan, Greg hall (tall guy) and Rose Prock Fagan

2.  Angela Parsons and Wil Comstock

3.  Lindsay Ell and Steve Bogard

4.  Lynn Wilbanks and Kim Franca

5.  Randi Perkins, Seth Jackson and Alex Call

6.  Rob Hatch, Bart Harbison, Lindsay Ell and Steve Bogard

7.  Shawn Bowling, Lynn Wilbanks, Lisa Sekscinski and Amanda Toney

8.  Will Rambeaux and Sheree Austin

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