Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Composers, Songwriters, Record Labels and Publishers Invited to Submit Works for 'Film-Com'

            NASHVILLE - Tennessee composers, songwriters, record labels and publishers are invited to submit original works (tracks) for special VIP pitch opportunities before, during and after "Film-Com", a filmmakers conference that will occur in Nashville from June 13-22.

            According to music industry professional Leonard Wolf, "Film-Com" has been highly supportive of Tennessee music makers in many important ways, and the latest opportunity is a double-barreled one. Tennessee composers and others are invited to submit tracks for the VIP Mp3 player and also the "Film-Com" online Mp3 player. The players will be provided to filmmakers. Each track will be labeled with the submitter's  name and/or contact info. 

            Individuals can submit multiple works and those not easily pinned down works in several genres. While the organization can't guarantee that all tracks will be included on the VIP player, organizers want to include as many great pieces as possible. All quality tracks will be featured online at least until the next "Film-Com" in 2015.

            Submissions are $10 each (one song/instrumental); $7.50 each (two to five songs/instrumentals); and $5 each (10 songs/instrumentals).

            "Let's show the world the bountiful, diverse abilities of our state's music makers and help support this great annual event, which offers networking opportunities with all levels of media makers," said Wolf, who noted that the Mp3 presentations are a non-profit effort. 

            The deadline to be considered for the VIP Mp3 player is April 20 (Sunday). The web player aspect will be open for submissions on an ongoing basis. 

            For submission info, visit

            For information about "Film-Com", visit

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